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What is the difference between Pop On Veneers and veneers on Amazon?Updated 6 months ago

Prefabricated veneers are typically a one-size fits all solution for certain dental concerns. However, the materials used for prefabricated veneers are commonly low-quality plastic, are not fully customized to your teeth, and have that "Halloween" or "Dracula" teeth appearance. Since prefabricated veneers do not take into consideration your teeth or bite, they tend to fit loosely and have less durability. Other variations of prefabricated veneers can come with a strip of pink to mimic the gum line, which requires applying an adhesive to remain attached in the mouth. This can be very uncomfortable, as shifting of the veneers can make eating, talking, or singing difficult to do.

Many prefabricated veneers also require boiling the clip on veneers before wearing, or in between uses. At Pop On Veneers, your veneers are hand-crafted in our laboratory in NYC by trained, meticulous dental technicians with years of experience in servicing dentists. Our team will digitally scan, design and hand-perfect your custom made smile. It is our goal that your veneers maintain a natural look, all while sitting comfortably and securely. Learn more

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