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What if I don't want to take my own impression?

You're welcome to visit us at Pop On in NYC to make your impressions! Click here https://poponveneers.com/products/pop-on-veneers-in-person-nyc to check out and schedule your appointment at our location in NYC. If you choose to come to Pop On, you'll

What if I don't want to use putty?

Great news! Our NYC location now offers digital impressions, which means no putty necessary! Our team will digitally scan each arch within your mouth as an option for those who do not want to use putty. You can learn more about the impression process

Is the impression putty gluten-free?

Yes! Our impression putty is gluten-free.

When will my impression kit arrive?

Your impression kit should arrive with 3 business days. If you order on a Tuesday, you should have it by Friday.

How do I send my impressions back?

Your impression kit should come enclosed with a pre-paid return label. Please drop off your box with the appropriate carrier based on your label. If you need another label, please contact us here with your order number.

What if my impressions are rejected?

We'll notify you as soon as we receive back your impressions if there is an issue. No worries, we'll send you out a new impression kit within 3 business days. The retake impression kit may cost an additional $49.00, but sometimes we can waive that

What if my tray does not fit my mouth?

No problem! Please contact us https://poponveneers.com/pages/contact-us to order a free replacement tray.

Why would my impressions get rejected?

Pop On Veneers are designed from your impressions so to fit precisely over your existing teeth. The more accurate your impressions, then the more exact fit you veneers will have over your teeth so they don't get loose in your mouth. Sometimes we'll

Do I need to make all the impressions?

Pop On Veneers are designed from your impressions so to fit precisely over your existing teeth. Yes, please make all the impressions in the kit. You have enough putty and trays for all the impressions. Even if you mess up an impression, please send