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Can I give Pop On Veneers as a gift?

Absolutley! Give the gift of a smile! Learn more about gift cards here.

Is tax included in a gift card?

Gift cards exclude tax since tax is calculated based on recipients delivery address. Learn more about gift cards here.

Receiving a Gift Card

Gift cards are delivered by email to the person who purchased the gift card. Please forward the email to the the person who will receive the gift! The email includes all the instructions on how to redeem the gift card and get their new smile! Learn

Can I use a discount code on a Gift Card?

Certain discounts may be automatically applied on Pop On Gift Cards. Please confirm at check out. You can get started here.

Can I use a payment plan on a Gift Card?

Some payment plans can be used on a Pop On Gift Card. Please confirm at checkout. You can get started here.

Is the Gift Card a debit, charge, or credit card?

No. The Card is not a debit, charge, or credit card. The Card is a prepaid payment device with a dollar value that is selected at the time of purchase. The Card is not transferable.

Are there any fees for the use of the Gift Card after purchase?

This Card has NO FEES AFTER PURCHASE (including dormancy, service or other fees).

Do the funds on the Gift Card expire?

No, the funds on the Card do not expire.

Should the Gift Card number be written down?

Yes. You should write down the Card number to check your balance or replace the Card if it is lost or stolen.

Should the receipt from the purchase of the Gift Card be kept?

We strongly suggest that you keep the receipt from the purchase of the Card, as we may require it for an exchange or replacement.

Where can the Gift Card be used?

The Card may be used at PopOnVeneers.com

Is the Gift Card ready to use immediately?

Yes. There is no waiting period.

Does the Gift Card value cover sales tax?

The card value does not cover sales tax as this tax is calculated on a state by state basis.

Does the Gift Card value cover shipping?

The card value may cover shipping depending on the shipping service selected at checkout.  Any free shipping service will be included in the card value. Any expedited shipping service will need to be paid for at checkout.

How do I check my Available Balance?

The value on the Card can be checked at any time by visiting PopOnVeneers.com and adding merchandise to your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout and enter your gift card number into the discount code field. It will show your available balance.  You ca

How is the balance on the Gift Card calculated?

If you make a purchase with the Card, we will deduct the full amount of that purchase, including taxes and any other fees, from the Available Balance. Once the Available Balance reaches zero ($0), the Card is no longer valid and you agree that you wi

Can the Gift Card be used if its Available Balance does not cover the total purchase price?

Yes. You may use the card to cover any portion of the purchase.

What if the Gift Card is lost or stolen?

If the Card or Card number is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately. You must provide your name, email address, the Card number, and other details for identification purposes. You agree to give us all reasonable and requested information to h

Can merchandise purchased with the Gift Card be returned?

Merchandise purchased with the Card is subject to our standard return policies, except that cash refunds are not available. Should you be eligible for a refund, the refund will come in the form of a new gift card for the refund amount.

Can a charge made with the Gift Card be disputed?

No. Purchases made with the Card are similar to those made with cash, in that you cannot “stop payment” or lodge a “billing dispute” on purchases made with the Card. Any problems or disputes you have regarding a purchase should be addressed directly

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Purchase of any gift is subject to our standard terms and conditions.

I received a Gift Card. Can I use a promo code with it?

Yes, you can apply a discount code when checking out with a Gift Card.