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How does the process work?

There are three steps to the process: 1) Your at-home impression kit will arrive in a few days and we��ll guide you through the process at home. 2) You’ll mail the impressions back to our laboratory in NYC using the pre-paid return label. We’ll get

How long is shipping?

Great news! Orders in the continental US are eligible for FREE 2-Day shipping with UPS, in all directions!.

Do you ship to Hawaii/Alaska/Outlying US Territories?

Yes! However, please allow a standard shipping time [7 days] for your impression kit and final veneers to arrive.

How fast can I get my veneers? How long does it take?

Once we have an approved impression, standard production time takes approximately 2 weeks in our lab. We also offer the option to upgrade to 1 week Rush Processing! Orders within the continental US are eligible for an upgrade to free UPS 2 day shippi

How are Pop On Veneers made?

Your veneers are 100% custom made from impressions you take at home. We send your free at-home impression kit with a prepaid return label. Your veneers are made using high end biocompatible non-toxic, stain resistant, BPA free material, in our FDA

How do I know if I'm a candidate??

Find out if you're a candidate for Pop On Veneers in just a few seconds at AM I A CANDIDATE.

How do I begin?

Find out if you're a candidate for Pop On Veneers in just a few seconds. Then you can choose Top, Bottom or Both Top & Bottom Veneers and choose your favorite white color option for your instant smile. We'll ship out your impression kit that's

Can I do this without a dentist?

Yes! There is no need to go to the dentist for Pop On Veneers. Generally, we recommend visiting your dentist regularly to maintain proper oral hygiene and care. Good oral hygiene at home and healthy food choices will contribute to healthy living. Get

Can I really take my own impression?

Absolutely! We have a detailed impression guide video as well as step by step written instructions. It's all done from the comfort of your home and privacy. You can also choose to make your impressions at Pop ON in NYC!.

Do you keep our impressions if I want to get another set?

Typically, yes! If you plan on ordering another set, it is best to order within 3 months of your first purchase to ensure that your veneers will have an accurate fit. We also can offer another remake impression kit, depending on if our files have

How do you make Pop On Veneers?

Pop On Veneers are made by master dental technicians. Using the models of your existing teeth, our in house digital design team sketches initial designs for your smile with natural looking details, using cutting edge technology in 3D modeling softwar

How do you fill missing teeth?

Pop On Veneers are made from a high end flexible co-polyester material that is BPA free and stain resistant. It's thin enough to have a natural look, but also sturdy enough so you can eat with it. It is generally around.3-.8 mm, depending on the