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What is Pop On Foam?

Pop On Foam is a specialized foam designed to freshen your breath, kill bacteria and whiten your teeth. It's available in two refreshing flavors, Strawberry and Mint.  and it offers a 3-in-1 solution for your oral care needs. Pop On Foam may also be

How does Pop On Foam work?

Pop On Foam works by providing a fresh and clean oral feeling when used with your Pop On Veneers. It helps freshen your breath while it eliminates oral bacteria. The foam's antibacterial properties assist in contributing to overall oral health and 3%

Is Pop On Foam safe for daily use?

Yes, Pop On Foam is safe for daily use. When used as directed, it provides effective oral care benefits while maintaining safety. It can be used 1-2 times per day as suggested, and it's even safe to leave overnight.

How do I use Pop On Foam?

To use Pop On Foam, follow these simple steps:. Apply an even layer of Pop On Foam directly onto your Pop On Veneers. Any excess foam will naturally dissipate as you put on your veneers.  You may also brush off excess foam with a soft bristle toothbr

Does it contain flouride?


Safe to use with dentures?


Is it safe to swallow?

While a small amount will not be harmful to your body, we do not recommend swallowing large amounts or drinking the foam.